"A Fashion that does not reach the streets is not a Fashion" - Coco Chanel

Thursday, 14 April 2011

Market Research - Style Survey

Which one is your top style?

Alexa Chung - Preppy and Laid Back 

Taylor Momsen - Rock Chick

Olivia Palmero - Sleek Sophistication


The style stocker team decided to carry out a little bit of research and find out which of the three chosen celebs style people prefered....

Alexa Chung won the style-off with 47% of the vote
Taylor Momsen came second with 37% of the vote
and Olivia Palmero came last with 16% of the vote ...

We also did our own sly little observation of people walking past and catagorised them into whether they were and "Alexa", a "Taylor" or an "Olivia" and this was what we found

Alexas - 43%
Taylors - 23%
Olivias - 34%

Style Stockers verdict: Alexa Chung is definitely a style icon!

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