"A Fashion that does not reach the streets is not a Fashion" - Coco Chanel

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Budget Busters!

Right, Okay so in the last post you must have noticed our Alexa Chung domination in the style wars! So the Style-Stocker team have decided to show you how you can put together the Alexa look for any budget!


River Island £35

Miss Selfridge £16

Dorothy Perkins £5

Dorothy Perkins £12.50


Dorothy Perkins £42

Topshop £30

River Island £12.99

Topshop by Danielle Scutt £45


Karen Millen £210

Alexander McQueen £325

Harvey Nichols £19

Jigsaw £165

Thursday, 14 April 2011

Market Research - Style Survey

Which one is your top style?

Alexa Chung - Preppy and Laid Back 

Taylor Momsen - Rock Chick

Olivia Palmero - Sleek Sophistication


The style stocker team decided to carry out a little bit of research and find out which of the three chosen celebs style people prefered....

Alexa Chung won the style-off with 47% of the vote
Taylor Momsen came second with 37% of the vote
and Olivia Palmero came last with 16% of the vote ...

We also did our own sly little observation of people walking past and catagorised them into whether they were and "Alexa", a "Taylor" or an "Olivia" and this was what we found

Alexas - 43%
Taylors - 23%
Olivias - 34%

Style Stockers verdict: Alexa Chung is definitely a style icon!

Princess Street Chic

We spotted these two girls chatting outside Topshop on Princess Street. We loved the casual look of the girls, particularly the one on the right;

Shes is wearing a jumper and shoes from Primark and trousers, top and bag from Topshop.

St James Style

When walking around Edinburgh we spotted this well put together look in the St James center. We didn't catch where she bought her clothes but we really love her sophisticated look!

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Pretty Casual

Focusing on projecting a casual image we used what our team have found in our style research on the streets; Topshop!

The dress, moccasins, belt, bangle and bag are all from Topshop.

Rock Chick

Christina wears a leather jacket from Topshop, a contrasting floral dress from Dahlia in London, and shoeboots from Urban Outfitters.

Boho Hippy

For a more summery look we haven't been seeing much of just yet,  the style stocker team experimented with a casual hippy look;
The polka dot dress and leopard print headscarf are from H&M, the sandals are from ASOS, the belt is vintage and the necklace is Accesorize.

Geek Chic

The Geek Chic look is one of our personal favourites!! <3
The glasses are from New Look, the shirt and blazer are both Topshop, the skirt is from Zara and the plimsoles are from Urban Outfitters.

Preppy Casual

The Style Stocker team thought it would be fun to do a photo shoot of some of our favourite looks, proving that the high street can do it all!
The model for our photo shoot, Christina, wears a Hollister polo shirt, a Topshop cardigan, Chinos from Zara, a vintage belt and moccasins from Topshop.

A little bit of Culture?

Paris ; Chic?


Japan ; Futuristic?


Finland ; Childlike?


What's your views?

Monday, 11 April 2011

Little shield of armour

This is a gorgeous little brooch that has been passed down my family for many, many years. It has more jems missing from it, than actually still attatched to it,
 yet I think that it works.

I was inspired to hunt this little beauty out after being down the West End of Glasgow and talking to a stranger about her brooch. Gorgeous small pieces such as these can set off the simplest of looks and without a doubt add that little bit of class.

Friday, 8 April 2011

A Timeless Classic

This statement piece of jewellery was found at a flee market in New York. Where we were told that you had to go with an empty suitcase!
It added an amazing amount of detail and sophistication to this simple, yet beautiful outfit.

Brooches are definetly a timesless classic!

West End Style

West End Style

Saturday, 26 March 2011

In with the Old & out with the New

It seems that wherever you look; Vintage is everywhere.

Whether its someones old, tattered, brown satchel bag or their outstanding fur coat, try walking down the street and spotting something that couldn't be passed off as Vintage. Can't? Exacltly!
And why not? Vintage shops have taken over the market fast and furiously. They offer pieces which are most commonly one offs (SAY NO TO CLONES) and also at amazing prices. Even popular brands such as TOPSHOP, River Island, Miss Selfridge and many more have jumped on the aincent bandwagon and relesed lines that could have been sold 20 years ago!
Prices don't come close though ...

Style Stockers verdict - say yes, and impress .. with vintage.

Friday, 18 March 2011

Topshop - World Domination

From our time on the streets of Glagow, every second person we looked at was wearing something instantly recognisable as Topshop. Nobody can deny that the store is a mojor style dominator of the market and at least every person aged 14 - 35 has one thing from Topshop. Their prices are affordable and with them always being bang on trend who could resist? As the leading high street store, Topshop is always one step ahead of it's competitors, it's covetable collections and quirky designs never fail to succeed.

As Fashion students, the Style Stocker's love the Topshop blog, it's a great way to keep up to date with current events in the fashion world and to get inspired as a designer.

Glaswegians Have Edge!

After trawling through the streets of Glasgow what we found was quite varied.
From camera shy "Punk Rockers" to enthusiastic "Hippy Chicks" Glasgow's sense of style is one to watch. Although an underrated  city that isn't renowned for style, after spending 4 hours people watching in the city centre, the Style Stockers discovered that style in Glasgow is not to be underestimated.

Despite numerous knockbacks from fashionable faces who didn't want their photo taken, our photographs demonstrate that for every person that didn't, there was someone who did. Style in Glasgow cannot be pigeonholed - although trends are clearly followed in this city, lots of different individuals interpretate how to wear them, celebrating their own idividuality and identity, making Glasgow an exciting place to be.

Sunday, 13 March 2011

Buchanan Street Style

We loved Ashleigh's neutral look, her trousers and shoes are from New Look, while her top and cardigan are from Primark.

Friday, 11 March 2011

Chinos & Hats

The guy on the right is wearing a hat from River Island, a jacket from Oxfam, a hoodie borrowed from his brother, chinos from Topman and Hi-Tec trainers from E-Bay.

The guy on the left is wearing a hat from Topman, a leather jacket from H&M, a t-shirt from Diesel, Levi jeans and Vans trainers.

Fabulous Faux Fur

Spotted on Buchanan Street, this girl's faux fur jacket meant you couldn't miss her, the jacket, tights and boots are all Topshop, her dress is from H&M, her bag is from Primark, and her gorgeous scarf is from a boutique in Spain.

Central Station Style

We love this girl's military style coat, from Marks & Spencers, and her bag, ballet flats and cropped trousers are all from Topshop!

Casual Chic

The style stocker team found these two girls in Queen Street Station - the girl on the right wears a hat from Topshop, a denim jacket & bag from Warehouse and a Dorothy Perkins dress.

Friday, 4 March 2011

Style Insider

Tuesday the 22nd February - Interview with Kevin Stewart
Assistant Press and Marketing Manager Harvey Nichols

The style-stocker team were lucky enough to get an inside look at Harvey Nichols and the opinions of staff who while working in their day to day jobs are exposed to the everyday shopper.

   Harvey Nichols is known as an exclusive brand but we feel in reality it catered to people of all genders and ages.

   Harvey Nichols are reknowned for giving there customers a high standard of customer service yet before we attended this interview we were unaware this went beyond the high standard of one to one interaction in their branches. Harvey Nichols also put on events for their customers to attend, giving them an experience exclusive to their brand, from only putting on 3 to 4 events a year to putting on 30 events, providing their customers with more of an expericence. Theses events showcase designers such as Markus Lupfer who is a very popular range with younger generations.

Not only are Harvey Nichols involved in interacting with  their customers and in showcasing new designers,  they also do lots of charity events with Barnardos and are involved in projects such as "The Old Bag Event". Harvey Nichols have excellent ranges that have always been popular, such as Prada and Gucci, that are sought after everywhere by all sorts of people - this is due to the buzz around the brand and the high quality name it has established throughout the years, highlighting just how iconic Harvey Nichols is.

Here is how the interview with Kevin went ....

Q - So what exactly does your job entail ?
A - I am the PR for fashion beauty

Q - What kind of projects have Harvey Nichols been involved with in the past few months?
A - Harvey nichols have been trying to increase the number of events they hold each year from around 3 or 4 to 30! They try to offer extra to their customers. Each year we have a charity of teh year and for this year and teh previous it has been Barnardos. Howeverrrrr, Harvey Nichols have tried to stear away from fashion shows and introduce diffrent ideas such as the "Old Bag" event.

Q - What are your most popular ranges within the store?
A - Every season the popularity of designers varies. Prada and Gucci are always extreemly popular , especially their accessories. However although they are obviously ranges with high customer demand, we also try to varey the stock in which the store offers in order to try and bring in new customers.

Q - Do you find a difference between Edinburgh shoppers to Glasgow shoppers?
A - Yeah deffinetly! Glasgow shoppers seem to be alot more self consious and i feel that there is alot more pressure on peopel from Glasgow to look good whereas Edinburgh shoppers seem to be more relaxed. There are deffinetly diffrences in their styles though. Glasgow shoppers seem to be more stylised and you see TOPSHOP everywhere !! Then Edinburgh again are more laid back and i think its alot more JACK WILLS type of people.

Q - What do you think of street style?
A - I think it is a freedom of expression. It allows people to be fun and show off their personality.

Q - So what do you think influences street style ? Any major designers ?
A - EVERYTHING! Music, art, "at the moment", creative outlet, celebrity culture, magazines, online.
I do think though that alot of peopel try to out do one another, as if there trying ot live up to a stereo type. Look at people liek LADY GAGA and what she wears is outrageous! Its not like her styles really going to catch on, your not going to walk down teh street one day bump into someone and go
"Oh, I love your coat ... Bacon ? "
Topshops great however because it does keep up with trends, they always have whats popular within fashion in their stores but at affordable prices.
"TOPSHOP have alot to answer for! "
I think vintage also plays a big part in fashion now, but i do sometimes think
" Thats no vintage thats hingin!! "
But in the end street style is a sub culture in itself.

" You can buy fashion, but you can't buy style"